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"I haven’t talked about childhood with Kristen, but she has a lot of knowledge and insights. And she is genuine and sincere. By coming to Japan and spending 5 whole days with her, I already feel like I became smarter, too."Nicholas Hoult about Kristen Stewart  (via rklovely)

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"These movies are what they are. It’s not my kind of movie, but I have to say, working with Bill and having him show me some stuff, it’s totally my kind of movie. It’s really cool. It’s really cool and dark. He gets Kristen (Stewart) in a really great way. She looks incredible in the movie. She looks like a movie star."Lee Pace, on The Twilight Saga, Bill Condon and Kristen Stewart (x)

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"Well, I think Bella (from Twilight) would probably wear Rosabotanica because she is completely preoccupied with all things sexy."

Kristen for NYLON x

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"I got this because of this film. I gave Valentine [her character in the film] tattoos for the film, so I had transfers made. You don’t know anything about Valentine, it’s all about Maria [Binoche’s character]. And that’s a huge aspect of the story, is that she never focuses on herself. They never talk about her life, ever. I wanted to show little indications of, ‘Who is that?’ Instead of just playing an assistant that was generic. She has interests, she’s going to places, you just don’t know where they are. And so I got so attached to this one that I got it. This is part of ‘Guernica,’ it’s a Picasso painting that I saw when I was 18 and in Madrid. It fucking floored me and it’s the first time I responded to a piece of art like that. It is just perfect for me. I love what it makes me think of. It’s like ‘keep going, and keep the fucking light on.’"Kristen talking about her Guernica tattoo (x)

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"In a lot of ways, people have decided what Twilight is about before they’ve even thought about it, and then they’ve labeled us, the actors, as part of whatever that may be. Even the sparkling thing. I get so many sparkly criticisms! But I don’t actually remember a moment of in any of the movies where I sparkle. [Laughs] Maybe one second in the first one. It’s like, really? All these fanboys are like, “You’re sparkling!” And I’m like, “Really? You must have freeze framed that one second.” [Laughs] It’s just the idea of sparkling—people lost their minds over it."Robert Pattinson on Twilight hate for The Daily Beast. (via robquotes)

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Kristen and Clouds of Sils Maria on Twitter.
  • @labuzamovies: And yes K-Stew fans, she owns the role. Does so much with her gestural approach I was taken aback at her approach. Constantly inventive.
  • @DavidPoland: Clouds of Sils Maria is the most Kristen Stewart of any role I have seen her play... funny, interested, thinking, demanding & shy. #Cannes
  • @dlerer: Está excelente Kristen Stewart en SILS MARIA. Parecía hablar de sí misma todo el tiempo... #Cannes2014
  • @mmiedl: Somebody is very much in love with Kristen Stewart. #CloudsOfSilsMaria #Cannes2014
  • @cinemateaser: Kristen Stewart est excellente dans Sils Maria. Vraiment excellente.
  • @KarstenM: I really, really liked Assayas' CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA; a lil' chamber piece w/ wonderful acting by all involved, yet Stewart steals the show.
  • @gemko: Clouds of Sils Maria (Assayas): 67. Relentlessly brainy, to the point where it's constantly interpreting itself. Really sharp, though.
  • @gemko: Also, Kristen Stewart is amazing in an incredibly tricky role. The temptation to do more than she does (fatal) must've been great. Brava.
  • @ANSA_Cannes: Sils Maria di Assayas, applausi alla prima stampa. Ottima interpretazione di Juliette Binoche e Kristen Stewart
  • @TaybackX: SILS MARIA: Necessarily stilted with a layer of coldness that will most likely divide a lot of people Binoche/Stewart show this #Cannes2014
  • @TaybackX: The acting is great all around, Binoche and Stewart have several great dialogues that are sure barnburners. #Cannes2014 #silsmaria
  • @TaybackX: Definitely top five of #Cannes2014 , no question. #SilsMaria
  • @jonfrosch_f24: Strong finish to #Cannes2014 with Assayas' captivating, playful, resonant Clouds of Sils Maria. Binoche+Stewart the odd couple of the year.
  • @jonfrosch_f24: Kristen Stewart will have haters rethinking things after seeing Sils Maria. She is superb. #Cannes2014
  • @robbiereviews: Clouds of Sils Maria (Assayas): Rich, complex, teasing life-is-play, play-is-life meta-lark. Kristen Stewart particularly fab. #Cannes2014
  • @HitFixGregory: Kristen Stewart playing parallel upon parallel of her own life in #CloudsOfSilsMaria
  • @HitFixGregory: Clouds of Sils Maria is the movie about Hollywood and our entertainment culture that Maps to the Stars wants to be. #cannes2014
  • @HitFixGregory: Kristen Stewart has never been more relaxed on screen than in #CloudsOfSilsMaria #cannes2014
  • @passeurcritique: #SilsMaria review #KristenStewart #ChloeGraceMoretz #JulietteBinoche 3 déclinaisons du métier d'actrice.
  • @Jake_Howell: CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA: among other generally positive things (I enjoyed it), Kristen Stewart's best role. #Cannes2014
  • @djphilip: Sils Maria ( Assayas) : brillant film de cloture #Cannes2014
  • @jhoffman: CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA is smart & elegant. Basically all Binoche & Kristen Stewart, and K-Stew holds her own. Great role for her. #cannes2014
  • @studioexec1: Clouds of Sil Maria: there's this great young actress in it. Kristen Stewart. Keep an eye out for her, she's gonna be big. #Cannes2014

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    "A sort of bonfire of vanities. A fierce hard place, full of money , where ego and jealousy are terribly exacerbated. Where everyone wants to be famous at any cost. It’s very, very hard to live there. Especially, if you do not have a serious professional environment and real friends to keep you from all temptations. Me, I ‘m doing fine. I managed to live my life and fame. Probably because I know the dangers and pitfalls …"

    For an actor of your calibre, Hollywood, what does that mean?

    interview - Le Parisien


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